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About Gary Whalen

The Whalen Company has a long history of building tennis courts for people that love and care about tennis. We pride ourselves in being able to understand the needs and visions of our customers. The Whalen Company was established by Joe Whalen in 1957 in Jacksonville, Fl which will make the year 2018 our 61st year in business. Joe had spent his entire life, to that point, as a tennis player, tennis pro and tennis promoter. Presently owned, since 1978, by Gary D. Whalen, The Whalen Company has never wavered from its tradition of building the best tennis courts possible. At no time, has the company strived to be the biggest or largest tennis court construction company. We have always kept our focus keenly on, being the best tennis court construction company. Even though product share has never entered into our vision, product quality has never left our sight. If you search through the history of nationally ranked tennis facilities you will find names such as: Amelia Island Plantation, Sawgrass Country Club, Sea Pines Country Club, The Ponte Vedra Club – all built by The Whalen Company and all, at one time or the other, ranked in the Top 10 of national tennis facilities. “We Court the South” is our motto and it has been well earned.