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How to measure for tennis windscreen.

How to measure for tennis windscreen.

Here are some pictures and instructions to help you properly measure for windscreen.

When we talk about measuring for windscreen we are talking about measuring the length of the windscreen, not the height.  99% of windscreen is sold at either 6′ or 9′ height.  There are special occasions where someone may want to install windscreen on a short side fence or some other unique height situation.  In those cases the height of the fencing should be measured and then deduct, at least, 6″ from the height measurement.

To measure the length it is best to use a long enough tape measure to measure the entire distance.  You can use a short tape measure and add the cumulative measurement but that won’t be as accurate as a single tape measurement.

Place the end of the tape measure on the first end on the tension bar (see picture #1).   Stretch the measuring tape to the other end of the fencing fabric, also to that tension bar  (see picture #2).   The measurement is always one section of fencing at a time for the total length of the fencing section (see picture #3).  Simply repeat this process for each straight section of fencing that you want to install windscreen and you will have all of the measurements you need.

Miscellaneous Info:

1. You should avoid pieces of windscreen longer than 60′.  If you have a 100′ section order two 50′ pieces.  A 80′ section – order two 40′ pieces.   This is true of both 6′ and 9′ high windscreen.

2.  9′ windscreen should have a center re-enforcing tape.  6′ high windscreen does not need it.   The center re-enforcing tape adds both strength to the windscreen and a way to tie the center of the 9′ piece (using rope or ty wraps) to keep the windscreen from buffeting to much in high winds.

3.  ALL windscreen should be taken down if you are expecting winds higher than 50mph.  That includes projected gusts of wind.

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