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With 60+ years of experience building tennis courts for some of the most successful tennis resorts/clubs in the US and 12 years of owning and operating our own tennis club in Florida, we have some ideas on design.   From general layout to strategic planning we can help guide you to a final project that meets your needs and dreams.  With all of the different surface choices, lighting and fencing choices, why not hire someone with our experience to design your tennis project.  The environment, type of sub-surface and orientation are all considerations for the construction of successful tennis facilities.  

Whether you are a college, university, school, club, resort or even an individual there is nothing more important than actual on-site experience to help prevent problems that should not arise.  Give us a call and let us help you.  We have built courts on rooftops, beaches, mountains, first class motels, universities, colleges, schools and world class resorts.  We have literally, if laid end-to-end,  over 100 miles of tennis courts.  That is a LOT of tennis courts.

Call us, we can help you!