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HarTru tennis courts have been referred to by many other names;  Rubico, FastDry and clay, to name a few.  Generally speaking they are all made from an indigenous stone mined in Virginia and Maryland.  The typical HarTru court is comprised of a base layer of 3/4″ washed stone, topped by a 1-2″ layer of stone screenings and then a one inch layer of HarTru.   The HarTru surface itself plays very similar to natural clay.  The ability to slide and the softness under foot are traits that are greatly appreciated by the players running around on this surface.   HarTru tends to be softer, slower and cooler making the playing a much more pleasant experience.

Single Court - Crowne Plaza - Asheville, NC

HarTru does require daily maintenance and is susceptible to freezing in climates that get below 32 degrees.  However, there is almost nothing that can permanently damage a HarTru court.   Unlike asphalt or concrete courts they do not suffer permanent damage from cracks and work very well on sub-base (ground) areas that are not suitable for asphalt courts.

All-in-all, HarTru courts are the courts of choice for most country clubs and resorts because they are beautiful when maintained well and easy on the ankles, knees and backs of the players using them.

HarTru tennis court

HarTru Courts - Jacksonville, FL

Side Cut View of a Well Built HarTru Court