Daily, Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance Schedules

///Daily, Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance Schedules
Daily, Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance Schedules 2011-03-22T18:14:29+00:00

HarTru Tennis Court Maintenance Schedule

Daily Maintenance Schedule:


1. Drag and Roll Courts.

2. Sweep Lines

Noon: (If necessary)

1. Drag courts and sweep lines.

2. Short watering period. 5 – 10 minutes.

3. Drag courts and sweep lines for play.


1. Drag courts and sweep lines.

2. Water courts around Midnight for 20 to 30 minutes.

Monthly Maintenance Schedule:

1. Check court for weeds.

2. Check net for proper height (36″ at center.)

3. Check windscreen ty’s and replace missing.

Quarterly Maintenance Schedule:

1. Add approximately 10 new HarTru bags per court.

2. Check sprinkler heads for alignment and rotation.

3. Clear excess material from under nets, around net posts, and curb areas.

Winter Preparation:

1. Clean out sprinkler lines to prevent freezing.

2. Take up lines if courts are not going to be rolled and maintained.

3. Pull out all nails, store lines and discard bent nails.

4. Take up net and center strap.

5. Take down all windscreens.

Spring Preparation:

1. Roll courts extensively to prepare courts for lines.

2. Add 25-50 HarTru bags per court prior to placing the lines.

3. Install lines

4. Roll courts after line installation.

5. Clean and re-paint net posts.

6. Spray perimeter of court area with weed killer.

7. Check all sprinkler heads and lines while re-starting sprinkler system.

8. Put up net and start daily cycle again.