The ARD (Advanced Recreation Design) fiberglass  HF100 paddle is a light/medium weight paddle that provides maximum ball control with minimum noise and vibration.  The paddle comes in four primary colors (red, green, blue & yellow).  With the advanced throat support section and ergonomically designed grip shape you will never find yourself not being able to “feel” the angle of your paddle face.  This is a great paddle for beginners as well as players that depend on touch and feel as their style of play.  This HF100 pickleball paddle allows the player to place the ball with consistent accuracy and tremendous touch.  The very durable bumper helps to protect your paddle from damage while also being designed to absorb vibration along with the innovative throat section.  A great paddle for players that want to improve all aspects of their shot control.

Weight: 230-245 grams

Grip Size: 4 3/8″