Rain Bird Falcon Stainless Steel Sprinkler Head




Rain Bird Falcon Stainless Steel Sprinkler Head with 4 in. PC (partial circle) Stainless Steel Rotor w/Nozzles.   This is the heavier duty version of the standard Rain Bird Falcon Sprinkler Head as it comes with the stainless steel riser.   The stainless steel is resistant to fungicides, gypsum and vegetation sterilizers which give this head a longer resistance to the wear and tear of a normal HarTru tennis court.  With excellent court coverage and a high volume of gpm this head can handle most any above ground watering court situation.

* 4″ Stainless Steel Pop-Up Sprinkler
* 40˚ – 360˚ Adjustable Arc
* 39′ – 65′ Radius
* 1″ Female connection NPT
* Precipitation Rate: 0.37 – 1.14 inches per hour;  2.9 to 21.7 gpm  (gallons per minute)
* Pressure: 30 to 90 PSI
* Includes set of 8 standard Nozzles
* Adjustment too not included but standard flat-head screwdriver will work.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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