Roller Replacement Brush: 4′ or 5′


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Roller Replacement Brush is used for the 5′ Steel Tow Roller and the 4′ Steel Tow Roller.  The complete brush assembly includes the brush, upright mounting rods, floating springs, adjustment knobs and hardware. The brushes have easy-to-change, replaceable bristles. As the old brushes wear down they tend to ride heavy on the court surface doing more damage than good.  A new brush will do a much better job of leaving your court surface smooth and well manicured.  Tough 6″ bristles allow for every day use. The front brush for the 4′ or 5′ roller comes as a coarse brush and the rear as a fine brush.  You can use both as coarse or both as fine but we recommend using the coarse as the front brush to help level out the played on court surface and the fine as the rear brush to provide a beautiful smooth surface.




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