Whalen Economy Windscreen

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Our Whalen Economy Windscreen is actually a very durable product.  Designed for more of the do-it-yourself types this windscreen comes hemmed and grommeted on the top and bottom with no hem or grommets on the sides.   The windscreen comes in a single roll either 6′ or 9′ high by 120′ long.   The customer can then cut the windscreen to their required length, fold over the sides and stick ty wraps through the top and bottom grommets as well as the doubled over ends/sides.

Made of very durable polypropylene this windscreen comes in green or black.  Because of the interlocking weave (image is in product gallery) within this windscreen if it gets cut or ripped the windscreen will not run and tear further.

The one hemmed product gallery image with 4 grommets does not show an accurate representation of the sides of this windscreen.  The sides are not hemmed, only the top and bottom are hemmed, the sides will need to be folded over as stated above.

If you are trying to match an existing windscreen but you are not sure what type you have you should go HERE so we can help you with that.




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