Whalen Deluxe Master Open Mesh Windscreen – 6′ High

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6′ High Whalen Deluxe Master Open Mesh Windscreen.  Go HERE if you want the 9′ high Whalen Deluxe Master windscreen.

The Whalen Deluxe Master Open Mesh Windscreen is made of 10 oz 100% vinyl coated polyester. Comes with 5-ply reinforced corners and 3 ply reinforced hems. Hems have built-in grommets every 12″ and a 78% shade factor. Available in 6′ and 9′ heights. Comes in Black and Forest Green

6″ x 12″ hemmed Windows or
Die-cut “half moon” vents can be added.

Open mesh windscreen can be sewn/connected to closed mesh windscreen to provide a solid bottom section and an open mesh upper section.  The combination makes one of the most beautiful windscreens ever.

WARNING:  We always recommend that the owner knows the strength of the existing fencing.  Solid fencing should be made from either SS40 steel or schedule 40 steel with either 10′ or 8′ on center 2 1/2″ OD posts.  If you are not sure about your fencing strenght we recommend sticking with the 6′ high windscreens and adding either hemmed windows or cut vents.  The windows do a better job of reducing wind stress than the vents.

You might want to consider rope for either the top or bottom in high wind areas to attach the windscreen.  We offer both 50lb and 120lb strength ty wraps as well.

Go HERE to learn how to properly measure for new windscreen.

If you are trying to match an existing windscreen but you are not sure what type you have you should go HERE so we can help you with that.







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