Algae – What to do?

//Algae – What to do?

Algae – What to do?

Algae is a big problem for some HarTru or HydroCourt type tennis courts, especially in the spring.  There are a number of reasons for the growth of algae or moss but the primary reason is a lack of play and maintenance.  Algae survives in circumstances where the court surface isn’t disturbed.  Both the action of play and the process of dragging and rolling the courts will do wonders in keeping algae or vegetation growth at bay.  However, for many clay court facilities, especially above the latitude of 34 degrees North, tennis courts may sit idle from late November to early or mid March.  This lack of surface agitation,  slow drying moisture and winter shade causes havoc and a perfect situation for algae and moss to grow.  What do you do?

You can use simple solutions such as 1 part bleach and 10 parts water but that is really not good for the environment.  You can also pick up algaecides at your neighborhood Home Depot or Lowes.  But if you are like some people and don’t want to spray chemicals on your tennis court the quickest thing you can do is use your scarifier or steel rake to scrape and disturb the surface.  Worst case is you use a flat shovel to remove the worst areas.  Keep in mind that the algae is really at a superficial depth.  You do not have to remove even a 1/4″ of the surface.  You just want to skim the surface, scarify the surface and dislodge the algae from its base.

For HydroCourt owners the smart thing to do is add chlorine tablets to each of your boxes.  These can also be purchased at your neighborhood HomeDepot or Lowes.  Simply open the control valve box and drop in a table.

Here are some links to equipment we sell that will help you do this job.





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