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Whalen Tennis Company specializes in building tennis courts for people that love and care about tennis.  We pride ourselves in being able to understand the needs and visions of our customers.

Algae – What to do?

Algae is a big problem for some HarTru or HydroCourt type tennis courts, especially in the spring.  There are a number of reasons for the growth of algae or moss but the primary reason is a lack of play and maintenance.  Algae survives in circumstances where the court surface isn't disturbed.  Both the action of play and the process of dragging and rolling the courts [...]

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Spring HarTru Court Preparation

This post will only apply to HarTru type courts that are built in areas that don't have consistent hard freezes in the winter.  For those warm weather courts you may get a random freeze but the effect of that is only temporary and is generally not an issue.   For those courts however that do suffer some hard freezes in the winter the courts need [...]

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